• Location

    Otama Beach

  • Sqm


  • Builders

    Sayers Construction

  • Photographer

    David Straight

  • Video Credit

    HOME Magazine

  • Type

    Housing - New

  • Awards

    • 2021 HOME Magazine Rural Home of the Year
    • 2021 NZIA Local Award Winner - Housing
    • 2021 Best Awards - Silver Pin



Champagne gold and pastel purples; sunrises and sunsets shape the scene for this blended family home. There are curated outlooks and joyful vignettes. It’s grounded with plaster and dressed in a subtle timber tone.

This home is dashing, and there’s room for all. There’s room for dancing, and there’s room to mingle and sprawl. But this home is delicate, this home is enthralling.

There are pockets of privacy and moments of retreat. The thresholds are soft and the bathrooms alluring. It’s also comfy for two, for those who wish to be discreet.

"Discovering Lloyd Hartley Architects, I liken to reading an exceptional novel, it just continues to get better and more intriguing, then you come to the end and you feel like starting all over again because it was such a satisfying experience.

Integrity, transparency, keeping the client informed, these attributes were all very important aspects of our relationship with Ben & Mike. We now travel to our Otama home and we are encompassed by the beauty created here by talented individuals that strived for the finest outcomes for our project.

Sometimes in life, the right people are in the right place at the right moment resulting in a harmonious relationship and stunning architecture.

Thank you Lloyd Hartley Architects."

Nancy & Marty - homeowners

Other Project Highlights