• Location

    Beach Haven, Auckland

  • Sqm


  • Builders

    Building Elements

  • Photographer

    David Straight

  • Type

    Housing - Additions & Alterations

  • Awards

    • 2023 Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects - Local Award Winner
    • 2023 Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects - Resene Colour Award

Lancaster - The Luxury of Enough

Lancaster - The Luxury of Enough

Extending a small 2 bedroom cottage from 85sqm to 135sqm; this family home punches above its weight by providing 4 bedrooms, 1 1⁄2 bathrooms, two ‘living’ rooms and a hard working Kitchen & Dining area - absolute luxury!

Clean circulation; articulated just enough to provide eddy spaces for the 5 inhabitants to pause, disperse and dance through their domestic lives. Children’s bedrooms right sized to ‘sleep in and to sulk in’.

By tailoring these spaces keenly we’ve realised the ‘Room of Requirement’. An industrious additional living space; TV room, lego room, band practice, teen hangout and guest bedroom all just far away from the adult ‘withdrawing’ room.

The central Dining & Kitchen portmanteau space allows a generosity of space and ample circulation while at its heart its motivations are that of inclusion; both in terms of daily family life and also out to the street as well.

"This alteration responds carefully to the constraints of a limited budget to address the needs of a growing family. Expenditure focused on the areas of greatest value for the family while also delivering a wide range of innovative yet cost effective design solutions. Modest in size and scope, the project is defined by a series of individual retreat and sleeping spaces for each family member – these contrast with family spaces designed for flexible use. The bold use of colour, superb detailing, cost-effective materiality, and a variety of unexpected and charming moments combine in this sophisticated, expanded family home."

Jury Citation - 2023 Local Architecture Awards

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